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Bored of the Bedside Table? Make it Stylish for a Fresh Makeover!

Bedside tables have always been a top choice for interior designers and individuals who make their own decisions regarding the interior spaces in their homes. They complement the bedroom style depending on the design type and enhance the comfort level. The key consideration is how easy it is to access items on the bedside table. Therefore, the positioning of the bedside table is of immense importance. Are you bored of the same old bed table? Here are some very practical and cost-effective ideas to give it a perfect makeover!

1. Place a beautiful indoor plant on the bedside table
Choose from a wide variety of interior plants online. Getting up when you see a money plant, snake plant, or bamboo gives you a positive vibe for the rest of the day. They are not only elegant and refreshing, adding a feel of greenery to your spaces, but they also cheer you up with their presence. Usually, when one wakes up and gets out of bed, the excitement of seeing fresh green leaves helps one set a positive attitude for the rest of the day.

2. Set up an antique showpiece
For a touch of elegance, consider placing an antique showpiece on your bedside table. Instantly transform your bedroom, adding a traditional charm with the right and affordable antique piece. Why not add a romantic twist and surprise your loved one with an antique piece that perfectly complements your bedroom?

3. Place a table cover
Another way to make an enthusiastic transformation is by using a table cover. It particularly works best when you do not have time to accessorize your bedside table. There are several pretty designs in stores, or you can get one personally stitched. The simplest and most cost-effective home accessory that you can change around your bedroom is the table cover—an item that can change the appearance and feel of your wooden bedside table without having to buy a new piece of furniture.

4. Keep an Alarm Clock
When using a smartphone, you must set an alarm to wake up daily. A traditional alarm clock can be advantageous in that you will have to keep your phone away from your bed as a sign of improving your quality of sleep. Also, it’s worth knowing that alarm clocks have various designs that will match the style in your bedroom, plus they will add a level of vintage to your bedside table.

5. Rearrange and De-clutter
Try to clean up and harmonize the items on your bedside table. Cleaning it up would mean removing dust on its surface and making sure all the items have their own space. It is better to have a stand for your mobile phone, to have a special place for the book you are venerating at the moment; it is better to place a small jar of water; it is better to invent a comfortable and secure place for your spectacles. Organized and clean bedside tables are not only more aesthetically pleasing, but they also bring a positive vibe to your private space.

Book a consultation with the best interior designers in Kochi for amazing and practical suggestions that suit the theme of your bedroom and your living style.


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